You’re feeling like you have a newborn sleeper again…

except this time your “newborn” can request you by name!

You desperately need a night where you can get a stretch of sleep longer than 2 hours so you can remember to put the lid on the coffee pot BEFORE turning it on.

toddler sleep coach

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Bedtime has become an absolute power struggle and is now a stressful end to your day.  
  • Your toddler is waking up throughout the night and doesn’t seem to let down until they get what they want…there is some serious willpower going on!
  • You’re holding back on making changes since you’re worried about the amount of crying that could potentially be involved during the sleep training process. 
  • You just want a toddler who loves going to sleep AND staying asleep. And you want to reap the benefits!

What if your toddler’s sleep didn’t have to be so challenging?


Wouldn’t it be amazing to…

Get actual alone time in the evenings #netflixandchill

Finally let go of the guilt of wanting your sleep back - you know you need this just as much as your toddler does!

Have total confidence in your ability to say you have a great sleeper

Well, we know it’s possible for you!

With the right tools and sleep plan you can wake up in the morning not only feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day but also confident and proud knowing that you’re giving your toddler the quality sleep they need to thrive and grow.

“Julie was incredible. We never thought our son would be able to fall asleep on his own and sleep through the night. Reaching out to Julie was the best thing we have done. Our son is now falling asleep on his own and sleeping through the night!”

– Julia, 3 year old


Here are some of the ways we can work together…

Sleep in a Week


With our Sleep in a Week package your selected coach will provide you with a sleep plan and training methods that will teach your child the skills necessary to sleep through the night and take restorative naps during the day.  We look at the entire sleep puzzle and the pieces that fit together to make sleep naturally happen. 

Here’s what’s included:

  • Online intake questionnaire to give the full picture of the child’s sleep history and your goals
  • In-depth, 1-hour training call to discuss your full sleep plan document. This covers: sleep goals, room setup, scheduling, the bedtime routine, nap training and much more! You will receive two, customized sleep-training techniques to choose from within your sleep plan. 
  • 7 consecutive days of unlimited email/text support within business hours to help get you started, stay on course and cheer you along the way!
  • We wrap up with a 20-minute graduation call, during which we’ll go through the personalized moving forward document and address any lingering questions
  • Once you purchase your coach will then be in touch and provide you with the intake

    3 Additional Days of Unlimited Texting Support ($75)

    For existing clients only. 3 consecutive days of additional texting support for existing clients who need additional support to their Sleep in a Week package.

    Toddler Bootcamp

    2-4 years old


    The 14-day Toddler Sleep Bootcamp program is a must-have for any parent who needs to regain their power over their toddler’s sleep.⁠ Is your toddler fighting bedtime, waking up constantly throughout the night, waking up early or simply not staying in their bed? Then you need the Toddler Sleep Bootcamp to get your toddler the sleep they need to thrive.

    • The bootcamp kicks off with a one-hour call or Zoom, personalized to your sleep situation, child’s age and goals. We cover our written action plan and what tools we’ll use for your situation.
    • You receive the Toddler Sleep Bootcamp Guide, which we also use during our call and it includes training methods
    • Over the course of the following 14 days, we will have a daily email exchange so we can guarantee that you stay on course and succeed!
    • We wrap up with a 20-minute graduation call, during which we’ll go through and address any lingering questions and summarize your child’s sleep success!

    30-Minute Phone Huddle


    Need support aka a “huddle” without a full package? The 30-minute Phone Huddle is for you! During our call we will discuss your child’s sleep struggle and the recommended plan of action.

    • Prior to the call you will complete the online intake questionnaire so we can clearly get a full picture of the sleep situation at hand.
    • This will not only guide the call but it allows us to use our time wisely and efficiently! 
    • Get your pen and paper ready as this only verbal advice and there is no written summary!
    • Discount towards other plans if needed

    The Sleepyhead Club

    $150 for 3 months

    Have you had success with your Sleep in a Week or Toddler Bootcamp plan and want the option of quick support when you need it? This is perfect for schedule changes, big girl/boy transitions, sleep regressions, traveling and so much more! 

    The Sleepyhead Club includes 30 minutes of support per month.  You can use those 30 minutes however you would like!  For example, a 15 minute call and 15 minutes of texting support; 2 separate 15 minute calls; or however you need to use those 30 minutes!

    Sleepyhead Club Additional Email Support ($65)

    • 3 email exchanges to be used within a 4 week period
    • For previous clients only

    Downloadable Guides

    Toddler sleep guide

    Toddler Sleep Bootcamp Guide ($25)

    Have a toddler who is fighting bedtime, naps and constantly needing your attention overnight? Then the Toddler Sleep Bootcamp Guide is for you! In this comprehensive guide you’ll learn how to regain power over your toddler’s sleep by understanding what they are going through developmentally, how to prepare them for change and my recommended sleep training methods for this age!⁠

    my big kid bed book

    My Big Kid Bed Book (free!)

    We have collaborated with Kira, a pediatric occupational therapist and founder of Here We Grow Kids, to put together the “My Big Kid Bed Book”. This “learning story” is the perfect addition to preparing your toddler for their big kid bed transition, which is an unfamiliar and big change. It guides your child through an easy-to-follow story line with visuals. Through this simple yet engaging story your child can learn more about the actual change, anticipate any new feelings around this bed, learn about various coping strategies and feel reassured that they will have your support through the process!

    We hope your toddler loves learning about their new big kid bed!

    Here’s what makes working with The Sleepyhead Coach so different.

    • We lead with a gentle, understanding hand and help you get to the root of why your toddler is struggling with their sleep!
    • We become your judgment-free friend (who just happens to be a total sleep geek!) and will make adjustments to the plan when you need it and offer encouragement and enthusiastic GIFs when you’re in the thick of sleep training. Toddlers are known for throwing curve balls and we are here to catch those and make adjustments on the spot!
    • We want to see you succeed and will do everything we can to remind you of your goals when you’re exhausted and doubting yourself. 

    Are you ready to have a child who actually can sleep on their own so you can get your me-time back? If you’re unsure which package or support option would be best for you, then let’s chat through it!

    “Leah was an absolute saving grace to our family. It’s crazy how much chaos comes into a home when one child does not sleep. These adjustments were so simple and realistic to follow that it made our changes so seamless each night. My daughter caught on to her new sleep routine within a few days! Thank you for bringing peace and harmony back into our home Leah! You were the best!”

    – Stephanie, 17 month old