If you forget what it feels like to wake up well-rested, we’re ready to remind you!

You just want to be able to get a nap that’s longer than 20 minutes or doesn’t involve driving around the block. And you desperately need a night where you can get a stretch of sleep longer than 2 hours so you can remember to put the lid on the coffee pot BEFORE turning it on. But you’re feeling stuck and just need sleep support that is going to work!

infant sleep coach

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Whenever you try to lay your baby down for bedtime, they’re up within an hour needing help again…and so it continues ALL night!  
  • You have a notorious cat-napper who is now becoming harder and harder to even put down in the crib for naps. You feel like you’re being timed when you just try to shower or do a load of laundry. 
  • You’re holding back on making changes since you’re worried about the amount of crying that could potentially be involved during the sleep training process 
  • You just want a baby who loves going to sleep AND staying asleep. And you want to reap the benefits of getting more ME time during those long days!

What if your baby’s sleep didn’t have to be so challenging?


Wouldn’t it be amazing to…

Get actual alone time in the evenings #netflixandchill

Finally let go of the guilt of wanting your sleep back - you know you need this just as much as your child does!

Have total confidence in your ability to say you have a great sleeper

Well, we know it’s possible for you!

With the right tools and sleep plan you can wake up in the morning not only feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day but also confident and proud knowing that you’re giving your baby the quality sleep they need to thrive and grow. So let us help take the guesswork out of sleep for you!

“I can’t sing Julie’s praises enough! We started with a baby who needed to be held to sleep for naps and most of the night, with multiple night wakings. Julie offered so much support and guidance in addition to a very thoughtful personalized sleep plan! Our baby now sleeps through the night in his own bed, and sleeps independently for naps. The difference Julie made in our day-to-day is just incredible. She was so kind and encouraging and supportive, which feels so important during this process. 10/10 would recommend!”

– Lindsey, 5 month old


Here are some of the ways we can work together…

Sleep in a Week


With our Sleep in a Week package your selected coach will provide you with a sleep plan and training methods that will teach your child the skills necessary to sleep through the night (outside of a required feeding) and take restorative naps during the day.  We look at the entire sleep puzzle and the pieces that fit together to make sleep naturally happen. 

Here’s what’s included:

  • Online intake questionnaire to give the full picture of the child’s sleep history and your goals
  • In-depth, 1-hour training call to discuss your full sleep plan document. This covers: sleep goals, room setup, scheduling, night feedings, nap training and much more! You will receive two, customized sleep-training techniques to choose from within your sleep plan. 
  • 7 consecutive days of unlimited email/text support within business hours to help get you started, stay on course and cheer you along the way!
  • We wrap up with a 20-minute graduation call, during which we’ll go through the personalized moving forward document and address any lingering questions

3 Additional Days of Unlimited Texting Support ($75)

For existing clients only. 3 consecutive days of additional texting support for existing clients who need additional support to their Sleep in a Week package.

30-Minute Phone Huddle


Need support aka a “huddle” without a full package? The 30-minute Phone Huddle is for you! During our call we will discuss your child’s sleep struggle and the recommended plan of action.

  • Prior to the call you will complete the online intake questionnaire so we can clearly get a full picture of the sleep situation at hand.
  • This will not only guide the call but it allows us to use our time wisely and efficiently! 
  • Get your pen and paper ready as this only verbal advice and there is no written summary!
  • Discount towards other plans if needed

The Sleepyhead Club

$150 for 3 months

Have you had success with your Sleep in a Week plan and want the option of quick support when you need it? This is perfect for schedule changes, nap transitions, sleep regressions, traveling and so much more! 

The Sleepyhead Club includes 30 minutes of support per month. You can use those 30 minutes however you would like!  For example, a 15 minute call and 15 minutes of texting support; 2 separate 15 minute calls; or however you need to use those 30 minutes!

Sleepyhead Club Additional Email Support ($65)

  • 3 email exchanges to be used within a 4 week period
  • For previous clients only

Downloadable Guides

newborn sleep guide

Newborn Sleep Guide ($25)

The Newborn Sleep Guide contains over 20 pages of newborn sleep information to help you learn more about your little one’s sleep and how you can help set them up for sleep success from the get-go!

Topics covered include:

  • Newborn sleep needs + how to read tired signs
  • Ideal sleep environment + safety
  • Establishing routines
  • Transitions – out of swaddle, out of bassinet, etc.
  • Troubleshooting naps and night wakings
  • Sample schedules based on age and weight
  • Gentle sleep shaping techniques to use when appropriate
Newborn Survival Guide

Feeding & Sleep Survival Guide ($10)

The Sleepyhead Coach’s Sleep & Feeding Survival Guide is your comprehensive one-stop-shop for your evolving child! Sleeping and feeding go hand in hand! You’ll learn how much to feed your child and when, how to handle nap transitions and when to adjust your schedule based on your child’s new needs and age. 

This guide has you covered from birth until 4 years of age!

Here’s what makes working with Julie or Leah at The Sleepyhead Coach so different.

  • We’re not drill sergeants and we don’t practice cry it out. We lead with a gentle, understanding hand!
  • We become your judgment-free friend (who just happens to be a total sleep geek!) and will make adjustments to the plan when you need it and offer encouragement and enthusiastic GIFs when you’re in the thick of sleep training. If your little one throws you a curve ball we are here to catch it and make adjustments on the spot.
  • We want to see you succeed and will do everything we can to remind you of your goals when you’re exhausted and doubting yourself.  

Are you ready to have a child who actually can sleep on their own so you can get your me-time back? If you’re unsure which package or support option would be best for you, then let’s chat through it!

“Leah was incredible in helping me get my 4 month old to self soothe and on a great schedule. She listened to my concerns and came up with a realistic program and we saw amazing results in just a few days. I could not have done it without her and her support!.”

– Erin, 4-month-old