Frequently Asked Questions

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Will there be crying involved with sleep training?

While I do try to help families minimize tears during sleep training as much as possible, some crying is going to be involved no matter what. We are making changes to your child’s regular sleep habits and this can be upsetting to them at first. Your child’s sleep plan will equip you with the necessary tools to handle tears at nap/bedtime so that you can respond to your child in a consistent way without resorting back to old habits. 

What types of services/support do you offer?

The Sleepyhead Coach offers virtual sleep training support for families with children 0-4. Depending on your family’s unique sleep situation and the amount of support your family needs, we offer one-on-one support packages, one-time phone support calls, and comprehensive age-based sleep training guides. All support and communication is held through Rested, a phone application created specifically for the relationship between sleep consultant and parent. 

What is Rested? How does it work?

Rested is a phone app that was created to help the coaching process between parent and sleep consultant run smoothly! Within Rested you can: easily access your child’s sleep plan, log sleep and feedings, chat directly with me, and view your child’s sleep analytics to track their progress and sleep totals. Your child’s sleep plan will include a page on instructions for signing up and creating a parent profile as well as how to navigate and use the app. 

How does 1:1 coaching work?

Step 1: Choose your package. If your not sure which package you need or you’d like to ask questions before selecting your package, you can schedule a free 15-minute consultation call with me.

Step 2: You will receive an online intake questionnaire to give me the full picture of your child’s sleep history and your goals and once submitted all that’s left to do is await the completion of your child’s sleep plan. You will also receive a short checklist to complete while you are waiting to get started.

Step 3: We will decide on a date to begin your sleep training plan and your support will begin from the kick-off date! Depending on the package you chose, you will have unlimited communication with me via Rested for a designated amount of time. I will evaluate the digital sleep log on a daily basis and send any necessary suggestions or feedback to help you meet your goals. 

Step 4: At the end of your support you will receive a graduation PDF detailing your child’s progress and helpful information about your child’s sleep and development moving forward to help you stay on track with healthy sleep habits

Step 5: Join our private Facebook group reserved for Sleepyhead Graduates to gain extended support and celebrate getting out of the #nosleepclub! I often pop in and offer helpful information relevant to sleep and answer questions!

Can I room-share and sleep train?

You can! If your child sleeps in a safety-approved crib or pack-and-play in your room, it is still possible to sleep train. You just might have to move yourself to the couch or another room with a bed for the first week or so of starting sleep training! 

Can I still co-sleep and sleep train?

While you can certainly buy our age-based sleep training guides to learn about the ideal sleep environment, daily schedules, bedtime and nap time routines, etc. I cannot teach a child to learn independent sleep while bedsharing. I require your child to be in their own sleep space.