Comprehensive yet easy to follow (I know you’re tired!) sleep guides will help you DIY your way through your sleep journey.

From creating healthy habits as a newborn, starting true sleep training after 4 months, and learning what schedule your little one should be on based on their age! These guides will walk you through ALL of these questions & more!

So grab one or more of these guides and get one step closer to a more well-rested family. Please note these guides do not include one-on-one support.

All guides are digital products and are therefore non-refundable.

infant sleep coach

Newborn Sleep Guide ($25)

The Newborn Sleep Guide contains over 30 pages of newborn sleep information to help you learn more about your little one’s sleep and how you can help set them up for sleep success from the get-go!

Topics covered include:

  • Newborn sleep needs + how to read tired signs
  • Ideal sleep environment + safety
  • Establishing routines
  • Transitions – out of swaddle, out of bassinet, etc.
  • Troubleshooting naps and night wakings
  • Sample schedules based on age and weight
  • Gentle sleep shaping techniques to use when appropriate to help lengthen nighttime sleep stretches

Sleep Training Guides ($45)

In each of the sleep training guides you will be provided with the necessary tools to get your child sleeping 11-12 hours at night (outside of required feedings!). You’ll be investing in your child’s sleep and given all of our sleep tools without the price tag of working one-on-one.

Each guide will cover:

  • The ideal sleep environment
  • Age-appropriate schedules you can easily follow with nap transition tips
  • Developmental progressions and how to foster these
  • Establishing bedtime, nap time and morning routines
  • Sleep training technique for nighttime and naps so your child learns how to fall asleep independently.
  • How to handle night feedings and weaning
  • And more!

Toddler Bootcamp Sleep Guide ($45)

Have a 2-4 year old toddler who is fighting bedtime, naps and constantly needing your attention overnight? Then the Toddler Sleep Bootcamp Guide is for you!

In this comprehensive guide you’ll learn how to regain power over your toddler’s sleep by understanding what they are going through developmentally, how to prepare them for change and my recommended sleep training methods for this age based on the unique sleep struggle your child is experiencing! This guide is appropriate for 2-4 year olds.

Feeding & Sleep Survival Guide ($10)

The Sleepyhead Coach’s Sleep & Feeding Survival Guide is your comprehensive one-stop-shop for your evolving child and sleep schedules! Sleeping and feeding go hand in hand! You’ll learn how much to feed your child and when, how to handle nap transitions and when to adjust your schedule based on your child’s new needs and age. 

This guide has you covered with schedules from birth until 4 years of age!

Free Guides

Got an early bird on your hands? Our comprehensive Early Morning Wakeup Guide teaches you how to uncover WHY your child is waking up early and HOW you can fix it. Soon you can have a child who is sleeping in past 6am, giving you just enough time to pour that coffee!

Finding out you’re expecting twins or multiples is not only extremely exciting but also a bit nerve-wracking too!  Having twins/multiples is all about mastering that juggling act. In this mini-guide you’ll learn how to best help your multiples in the sleep department. 

We have collaborated with Kira, a pediatric occupational therapist and founder of Here We Grow Kids, to put together the “My Big Kid Bed Book”. This “learning story” is the perfect addition to preparing your toddler for their big kid bed transition, which is an unfamiliar and big change. It guides your child through an easy-to-follow story line with visuals. We hope your toddler loves learning about their new big kid bed!


How long will it take to see sleep training results?

If you are consistent, results and progress will be seen within 1-2 weeks! Typically nighttime sleep falls into place first and naps take longer for your child to learn and master.

Can I still bed share and sleep train?

While you can certainly buy our guides to learn about the ideal sleep environment, daily schedules, bedtime and nap time routines, etc. I cannot teach a child to learn independent sleep while bedsharing. I require your child to be in their own sleep space.

Will there be crying involved?

For newborns you are not sleep training, you are “sleep shaping” and focusing on establishing a healthy sleep foundation without letting them cry. For infants and toddlers, yes, crying is involved! Read my helpful blog post on learning more about crying during the sleep training process and see if we are a good fit for you!