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You’re in the right place! Join the thousands of families who have gone from “my kid will never sleep well” to “my kid loves sleep just as much as I do now!”

And the best part is, you don’t have to compromise your parenting beliefs when you work with The Sleepyhead Coach.

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Hi there! Come Meet Your Coaches.

Founded by Julie Connelly

Your Sleepyhead Coaches are certified pediatric sleep geeks who want you to get out of the no-sleep club!

Sleep training doesn’t have to be scary!  We have multiple children between our team and each has their own very unique sleep needs that we honor. We pride ourselves on doing the same when we approach sleep training with your child. Our team has helped thousands of families with our gentle sleep training methods and our supportive, down-to-earth personalities and we can’t wait to welcome you into the Sleepyhead Fam as well! 

Our Sleep Training Programs

Whether you need a customized sleep plan with support, a 30-minute call or want to take our Virtual Sleep School course we want to help you get the sleep you need!

0-12 Months

I Need Infant
Sleep Help!

We solve frequent night wakings, short naps, crib transitions and do so without crying it out.

12 Months – 4 years

I Need Toddler Sleep Help!

We give you the tools to empower your toddler to sleep all night in their (own!) bed, battle-free.


The Sleepyhead Coach’s Sleep Guides

Whether you have a newborn, infant or toddler our DIY sleep guides help you get the sleep you need without the higher price tag of working one-on-one!

Happy Client

“I contacted Julie and within a week our 18-month-old was taking regular naps and sleeping through the entire night…in his crib! More than her professionalism, kindness, patience, or obvious understanding of child development and psychology, Julie’s ability to develop effective strategies on a child-by-child basis is truly astounding. Knowing that your little one is sleeping safely and getting the rest they need is invaluable. This was the best money we’ve ever spent.”

– Toni Ann, 18-month-old