So when can you let your baby sleep with a blanket? Once your child is 12+ months old they can sleep with a blanket. But, make sure the blanket itself is safe:⁠- Avoid a blanket with strings/ribbons⁠- Don’t choose one that can be too large or heavy for your infant. If you’re not sure, check with your pediatrician. ⁠My personal favorite is the Always Blanket from Monica and Andy that Noelle is wrapped up in. It’s made out of breathable muslin, which also makes it a comfortable weight, and it’s the perfect size for a toddler. I find many baby blankets are too small but then the next option is an actual bedspread! ⁠⁠

The most common question is, will my toddler get cold?⁠ ⁠- If your toddler was previously in a sleep sack and now they are going to “use” a blanket just expect that they are going to move around A LOT and the blanket is therefore not going to be covering them much throughout the night. As they get closer to 3-4 years old it’s generally easier for them to stay covered. If the room is particularly cold, simply dress your toddler in warmer pajamas than usual or even add cozy socks (my oldest’s favorite!). ⁠⠀⁠

For me, I let the transition out of the sleep sack happen organically. So that meant for my oldest she outgrew hers at 12 months so we just didn’t buy the next size up. For my youngest, after she turned 2 she started to resist putting it on and it was a struggle for roughly a week (those who work with me know I always like to see a pattern for at least 3 days!) so I stopped trying but still keep it in her pajama drawer. I kept offering her the choice of her blanket but it wasn’t familiar at first but she is definitely warming up to it. So for both it was never this calculated transition process because once they are a toddler it’s really not going to affect their sleep if it’s removed! Yes, it’s a positive sleep cue but by the toddlerhood they have sufficient self soothing skills that it’s not a big deal! ⁠⁠When did you introduce a blanket to your toddler? ⁠