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Littlehippo MELLA Toddler Clock

MELLA is the all-in-one Ready to Rise children’s clock and sleep trainer designed to keep your kid in bed longer – aka every parent’s goal. MELLA is a sleep trainer, alarm clock, sound machine, night-light and even nap timer all in one cute design! Toddlers love her friendly face and love falling asleep and staying asleep when MELLA is. 

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Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit & Dreamsack

That awkward stage of your baby transitioning out of the swaddle yet lacking any control over the startle reflex can really impact your baby’s sleep. The Merlin Sleepsuit helps with muffling the startle reflex to prevent wakes during a sleep session, but also gives them more range of motion. Then once baby can roll over in the sleepsuit, you can transition them to the Baby Merlin’s Magic Dream Sack!

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The Slumberpod is created by moms for moms! It is a portable privacy pod that gives your baby or child his or her own dark and private sleep space. So it’s perfect for not only traveling but also room sharing.  

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Ergopouch’s Cocoon Swaddle Bag is a new sleepyhead favorite! It has varying TOG ratings (aka thickness options) and is made from GOTS certified organic cotton, with elastane in the outer fabric and bamboo in the lining. So it keeps that startle reflex under control but allows for hip movement. It also has handy arm poppers, which transition the Cocoon from an arms-in swaddle to arms-out sleep sack when baby is showing signs of rolling. And Ergopouch then has pajamas and sleep sacks for infants and even toddlers!

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Our curated storefront has some of our favorite items for baby and beyond! These are our tried and true products that our clients love as well. We even included postpartum favorites for mom too!


Tuck & Bundle

We love Tuck & Bundle’s baby wraps! Baby wearing can drastically calm a fussy, tired baby and their wraps are super comfortable and stylish. It can also be an easy way to nap baby as the fabric is lightweight and breathable. It is also a Vetern-owned American company and we love to support that.

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We love Crane’s 4-in-1 Top Fill Drop humidifier, which brings 24-hours of consistent moisture to your little one’s room. A cool most humidifier assists to relieve any dryness or congestion adding more moisture to the air in baby’s room. This aids in more optimal breathing conditions for baby!

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A white noise machine will help your little one stay asleep longer as it mimics how noises were heard while inside the womb and aids in blocking out background noise in the home. Pro tip: you can add a second white noise machine outside the room your little one is sleeping in to help drown out the house noise. We love the Douni sound machine and its many white noise options as well as its sleek design.

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Blackout EZ Window Covers

Darkness helps promote the production of melatonin (the sleepy hormone) so if you notice your child’s room is quite bright during naps, bedtime or even the early morning hours, then these window covers are a great solution! They are easy to install and can be quickly removed during the day.

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